About LIZzie

Award-winning Lizzie Allan is a trailblazer in the world of comedy therapy, best known as the genius behind the breakthrough company Hilarapy – Healing with Humour. Bringing light to the shame, using authentic, hilarious, and stigma-busting comedy therapy to enlighten and empower international audiences.

No stranger to the shadows of the past, Lizzie embraces topics from sex work to psych wards, sparking laughter and understanding where there was once silence and stigma. If you ever needed to feel better about your own past, Lizzie’s got you covered.

Today, Lizzie Allan is on a profound mission to manifest world peace, with a vision of uniting 100,000 people in a shared experience of love, light, and unity. She uses her past to illuminate a brighter future, one audience, one laugh, and one healing moment at a time.

Join Lizzie Allan on her journey, and become a part of the wave of laughter, compassion, and change that is sweeping the world.

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